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Company culture

Heng shinki corporate culture is a corporate value recognized by all employees.

Heng shinki culture is a characteristic cultural system that emerged and gradually formed in the course of twenty years of development. As the company grows from scratch, from small to large, from large to strong, and from China to the world, Heng shinki culture itself is constantly innovating and developing. The general recognition and active participation of employees are the biggest characteristics of Heng shinki culture. At present, Heng shinki's goal is to create a world-famous brand in China's sensor industry and win glory for the nation. This goal perfectly combines the development of Heng shinki with the personal value pursuit of Heng shinki employees. Every employee will fully realize their personal value and pursuit in the process of achieving Heng shinki's goal.

Business philosophy

Pay attention to research and development: research, development, and innovation are the source of power for sustainable operation;

Respect for profession: Talent, profession and technology are the best tools to improve products;

Pursue quality: Perseverance, strict control, and quality control are the fundamental ways of market competition.

Quality policy

Strict management and meticulous production of excellent quality;

Continuous improvement and dedicated pursuit of customer satisfaction.

Environmental policy

Identify and control environmental factors in product design, production and sales activities;

Comply with environmental laws and regulations and related requirements;

Save energy and reduce consumption, correct and prevent harmful environmental impacts to the maximum extent;

Provide employees with environmental awareness, knowledge and skills training for continuous improvement.

Environmental concept

Heng shinki Electronics (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that cares for mankind and the environment, and actively participates in the activities of "protecting the earth, protecting natural resources, and creating a green environment" to contribute to the sustainable development of human society.

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