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Always trembling, always walking on thin ice

Only by always maintaining a strong sense of anxiety can companies remain invincible in market competition. The market will not give you the opportunity to correct mistakes and the time to correct them.

Three steps to problem solving

Emergency measures: To deal with problems quickly and prevent the situation from spreading, emergency measures must be decisive and effective. The focus of this step is to investigate clearly "what".

Transitional measures: on the premise of fully understanding the causes of the problems, take measures to recover the losses caused as much as possible and ensure that similar problems do not occur again. The focus of this step is to investigate clearly the "why". The key is “why is it”

Radical measures: specific and operable measures are taken to address the root cause of the problem, which can systematically cure the problem and eliminate the internal environment in which problems occur in management. The focus of this step is to clarify what needs to be done. The key is "what to do"

80/20 principle

The critical minority constrains the minor majority. Managers are a minority, but

Critical; employees are the majority, but from a management perspective, they are subordinate.

Hengxinji motto

· About management

In the era of intelligence, yesterday’s advantages will become today’s disadvantages, and only dynamic advantages are advantages.

The quality is not discounted, the service is not discounted, and the reputation is not discounted.

Yesterday’s successful experience and glory may be an obstacle to tomorrow’s success.

There are reasons why all orders are not completed, but there is no reason. As long as you find the reason, you can find a solution to the problem. Just emphasize the reason and you don’t want to do it.

Because the problem cannot be solved with the previous method, innovation is necessary to solve the problem. The competitiveness of an enterprise depends on whether its employees are value-added assets or liabilities.

· About the market

Take orders as the center and market chain as the link to drive business processes.

"Three thoroughness" doctrines: thorough order doctrine in the market; thorough achievement doctrine in terms of distribution; thorough first doctrine in terms of objectives.

· About Heng shinki  people

The people of Heng shinki only start a business but not keep their business.

Monitoring is love, appointment is trust.

How do managers deal with problems? 100% fulfillment of responsibilities. Every 1% problem can be transformed into 100% responsibility, 100% responsible person.

How do managers treat employees? Create a vibrant atmosphere.

The manager’s goal: to be a super leader, that is, your leadership level is able to allow subordinates to work normally when there is no leader, and form energetic employees and a cohesive organization.

Alert about problems

The terminal problem is the leadership problem.

Not seeing the problem is the biggest problem.

The recurring problem is a problem of style.

It is not your responsibility to have low quality of subordinates, but it is your responsibility to fail to improve the quality of subordinates.

About thought warning

Seeking truth from facts: Whether seeking truth from facts is a question of changing the way of thinking, and whether you dare to seek truth from facts is a question of improving the realm of thinking.

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