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Business management

Management is a necessary condition for business success. Without management, without stopping, the enterprise will decline and it will be impossible to succeed.

Persevere in management. Management is a very hard and meticulous work. The management level is easy to repeat, which means that the stop itself will also loosen and slide, and it needs to be continuously strengthened.

Management is dynamic and endless. For enterprises to move forward, the barriers must be improved accordingly. Management is indefinite, and needs to be dynamically optimized according to the adjustment of corporate goals and changes in internal and external conditions, rather than forming dogma. , Heng shinki's slogan is "Practice to fight, not to see", everything is subject to the effect.

Three basic principles of management

Closed-loop principle: For everything to start and finish well, there must be a P.D.C.A (P-PLAN plan, D-DO implementation, C-CHECK inspection, A-ACTION action) cycle principle, which spirals upward.

The principle of comparative analysis: compare vertically with one's own past and horizontally with the advanced level of the same industry. Without comparison, there will be no development.

Principle of continuous optimization: According to the barrel theory, find out the weak points, and make timely corrections to improve the level of the whole system.

OEC Management Law

OEC management method is the abbreviation of Overall Every Control and Clear in English, which means that every person and everything is controlled and cleaned up every day.

O-Overall, E-Everyone, Everyday, Everything, C-Control, Clear

The main purpose of the OEC Management Law is "the day is over, and the day is clear." Every day's work must be completed every day, and each day must be improved compared to the previous day.

The OEC management law consists of three systems: target system → Nissin system → incentive mechanism.

First establish the goal. Nissin is the basic work to complete the goal. The results of Nissin must be linked to positive and negative incentives to be effective.

What is not simple? What is not easy?

It is not easy to be able to do simple things well every day; it is not easy to do things that are generally recognized as very easy, but to do them very seriously.

6S management


Separate useful and useless items

Clean up useless items and leave useful items behind


After the useful ones are left, put them neatly according to regulations

Positioning, homing and marking to ensure convenient use


Cleaning, removing dirt, removing mess, etc. to keep clean

There must be specific and clear frequency and specification requirements for the process!


The inevitable result of cleaning must have clear standards to keep the environment clean, beautiful and spotless.

Maintain results and eliminate all sources of pollution and potential safety hazards.


Every employee develops good habits and consciously carries out tidying, rectifying, cleaning and cleaning work.


People, machines, materials, law and environment are all in a safe state and environment.

Have a mechanism to eliminate all hidden dangers of safety accidents

Positioning, homing and marking to ensure convenient use

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