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Excellent products are made by excellent people

Maintaining the quality advantage of human resources is the key to enhancing the vitality and competitiveness of enterprises. Because people are the only active and creative main factor in enterprise productivity, no matter how good a management system is, people need to execute and operate it.

Not just selling products, but providing solutions

In the era of low profit in the traditional sensor industry,  Heng shinki provides solutions for customers from product innovation to demand innovation. This ability to innovate and provide solutions will increase profits exponentially, meet the needs of growing enterprises, and continue to strengthen brand competitiveness, and the ability to continue to develop enterprises will continue to be created.

Sell credibility first and then sell products

Quality is the life of a product, reputation is the foundation of an enterprise, product qualification is not the standard, and customer satisfaction is the goal. Marketing is not to sell but to buy. It is to build product reputation through the link of selling products and buy users' loyalty.

There are only off-season ideas, no off-season markets

Heng shinki believes that the company's business objectives should be close to the market, and the most important thing is to develop the market. The connotation of market creation is not limited to competing for share in the existing market, but to create new markets with their own advantages. Enterprises should be good at redoing "a piece of cake" and leading the market by creating new markets and guiding consumption.

The law of the market is always changing

We must constantly improve our goals based on the ever-changing market.

Never say "no" to the market

The "market" here refers to the market in a broad sense. Whether you are in the production line or marketing, or in the service position or even the guard, your position is your market. You must never say no to the market and satisfy all users.

User complaints are the best gift

The content of user complaints is the direction for our work to improve. If these complaints can be eliminated in time, it will truly increase the company's assets. In a narrow sense, the assets of an enterprise are hardware such as plant, equipment, capital, etc. However, in a broad sense, the eternal assets of an enterprise refer to those customers who are loyal to the company’s brand. Whoever has more loyal customers will have more Many assets, on the contrary, not only lose the market, but the assets will also become liabilities.

Your satisfaction is our work standard

In Heng shinki, products that pass technical inspection are not necessarily qualified products. Only products that are satisfied by users are qualified products. Because customers are not satisfied, the products cannot be sold and the company has no profits at all. Therefore, customer satisfaction is Hengxinji's work standard, and we cannot say no to customers.

Keep an eye on the market and create a reputation

Keep an eye on the changes in the market, and even find out the needs of customers before the market changes, meet or exceed customer needs as quickly as possible, and create a reputation.

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