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Smart Sensor Integrated Solutions manufacturer-Heng shinki electronics (Qingdao) Co. , Ltd.

Time : 2020-10-30

The sensor industry is considered one of the three pillars of modern cutting-edge information technology, and is recognized as the most up-to-date technology industry with a bright future at home and abroad. With the strategic deployment of the Made in China 2025, sensors will play an irreplaceable role in the Internet of things era, the next three years the size of the industry will reach trillions.

In 2002, Heng shinki electronics (Qingdao) Co. , Ltd. , adhering to the business philosophy of "pursuing quality and customer satisfaction, " Dingxin set up the world, ECLECTIC, excellence, the company has invested in the establishment of bright manufacturing base, Hefei manufacturing base, wire and cable factory, Smart Module Factory. Total construction area of 100,000 M2, thousands of employees, annual output value of hundreds of millions of yuan. As the first batch of sensor manufacturing enterprises in China, the company has always insisted on R & D and quality, constantly breaking through innovation, and eventually become a leading sensor industry enterprise in China.

The company has North and South China R & D Centers, Qingdao, Mingguang, Hefei three production bases, north China, south China, east China, overseas four sales centers. The production system of independent research and development, self-support and self-management of all kinds of sensors has been improved.

Products cover temperature, humidity, human feeling, vibration, Houle, pressure, water level, flow, gas and other sensors; UV sterilization and odor removal module; Intelligent charging module; Air Monitoring Module; Frequency Conversion Control Module. Products are widely used in home appliances, automobiles, high-speed rail, medical, communications, new energy, smart home, intelligent agriculture, industrial automation and other fields. 智能传感器综合解决方案制造商---恒新基电子(青岛)有限公司 智能传感器综合解决方案制造商---恒新基电子(青岛)有限公司




Breakthrough, due to the desire for top-grade products, the company has introduced sintering furnace, slicer, SMT machine, plug-in machine, Computer Cutting Machine, Glue Dispenser, Welding Machine; Aoi, ICT, dew point instrument, constant temperature and humidity box, conduction instrument, rohs Tester and other advanced production and inspection equipment in the world, with many NTC chip automatic production lines, sensor packaging production lines, SMT production lines, electronic wire and cable production lines, can mass produce more than 1000 kinds of sensor products, from product design to user experience, each link is strictly controlled, the product is unanimously recognized by customers at home and abroad.


The company and the world's top technology companies, Switzerland Shengsirui, Japan CHIPO company, Japan Murata, silicon Li technology, NEC, South Korea LATTRON strong joint research and development. As one of the world's top humidity chip vendors, Swiss company Sainsbury's is the largest partner in China. Our humidity products are shipped more than ten million per year, and our market share in the field of home appliances has been the first for many years, the company has dozens of patents, to meet the market demand for a variety of new sensor technology, and to ensure that each product can be injected with the most focused attitude.


The company always adhere to independent innovation, technology-first development concept unswervingly, "intelligence, innovation, energy saving, environmental protection" in the first place of enterprise development.

Since 2004, the company has been rated as a "national high-tech enterprise" for many years. In 2019, the profit tax exceeded 50 million yuan, and with the company's strategic progress, high-speed growth.

Heng shinki is dedicated to its products not only for its own development, but also for the environmental protection to be imperceptible and subtle. In the future, we hope the sky will be bluer, the water will be clearer and the land will be full of vitality. Hengxinji will be forward-looking, continuous Innovation, leading the Chinese sensor industry to a new height.

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