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Spring flowers bloom, control the epidemic situation, upstream

Time : 2020-10-30

春暖花开 严控疫情 逆流而上

       Spring breeze as scheduled, magnolia flowers open, epidemic situation gradually dispersed. , Heng shinki electronics with the government's prevention and control measures, the orderly resumption of production.

In view of the epidemic prevention and control special establishment takes the general manager as the leader Epidemic Prevention and control leading group to grasp the epidemic prevention and control. Daily work temperature, timing factory disinfection, EPIDEMIC PREVENTION AND CONTROL NEVER LAX! Busy Prevention and control, grasp production, love the staff, welfare more. Canteen food continuous improvement, fruit, milk, eggs and other daily distribution, for the staff to supplement nutrition, enhance physical fitness. Eat in the mouth, warm in the heart, all full of energy.

Under the efforts of all staff, , Heng shinki electronics upstream, domestic and international orders continued to increase, steadily climbing production! 2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year, 2020 Hengxinji electronics will continue to move to a new level!

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